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Ready-to-use enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits (ELISA Kits) are FineTest most trusted product line. 8000+ high-sensitivity ELISA kits cover about 16 species not only regular species like Human, Rat, Mouse, but also rare species like Bovine, Chicken, Canine...etc. You can choose the best appropriate ELISA type as you want, including sandwich ELISA kit, competitive ELISA kit, indirect ELISA kit. Over 1,800 scholar articles published in international well-known journals cite our ELISA products.

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Veterinary ELISA Kit

FineTest offers a wide range of over 1,000 veterinary ELISA kits. The veterinary science kits contributes to the zoological research and are designed to detecte and analyze various animal samples. These validated species-specific ELISA kits help researchers conduct the bioassay for animal models used in the research.

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Advance your research career via 10 branches of biology.

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FineTest ELISA products have helped global researchers conduct their bioassays. Over 1,800 citations show the high sensitivity and reproducibility of our kits, including leading journals like Cell, Cell Research, Immunity, Journal of Medical Virology, Nature Communications etc.

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