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FineTest® protein service provided over 5,000 recombinant proteins expressed by HEK293 and E.Coli for WB, ELISA application. Besides His tag and GST tag, we developed special IF2DI tag with high-efficient solubility which can greatly improve the protein expression. Also we accept custom protein production.

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FineTest Recombinant Protein
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IF2D1 Tag

FineTest develops pET28a-IF2D1 expression vector with the powerful fusion tag, which perfectly replaces GST, MBP etc. Furthermore, the molecular weight is lower and the influence on the expression of target proteins is less. Thrombin functions as the enzyme cutting site to facilitate the subsequent cutting.

IF2D1 Tag

HEK293 Cell Expression System

Besides common E.Coli expression system, FineTest also developed HEK293 cell eukaryotic expression system, which can make expressed proteins more naturally active. Meanwhile, with rich expression experience, our R&D team can customize various protein sequences according to experimental requirements of customers.


P2750 Recombinant CD147 SDS-PAGE Vs P2755 Recombinant Human ACE2 SDS-PAGE

ELISA validation

We conduct the ELISA validation comparison between P2750 FineTest recombinant CD147 and 972-EMN R&D recombinant CD147. The results show FineTest eukaryotic proteins achieve the leading industrial level.

Custom Recombinant Protein

FineTest can produce any custom protein according to customers' requirements. Only protein name, Uniprot ID and applications are required.

custom recombinant protein service

Service Items Service Checklist Service Timeline
Gene Synthesis Construction of Expression Plasmid 1-2 weeks
Protein Expression Transformation Competent Cells Within 1 week
Protein Purification Column Chromatography Purification or Refolding 1 week
Project Delivery Refolding, Lyophilized Protein, SDS-PAGE Result 2-3 weeks

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