Veterinary Elisa Kits

FineTest Veterinary ELISA Kits

FineTest offers a wide range of over 1,000 veterinary ELISA kits. The veterinary science kits contributes to the zoological research and are designed to detecte and analyze various animal samples.  These validated species-specific ELISA kits help researchers conduct the bioassay for animal models used in the research.

The high sensitivity ELISA kit is widely accepted by global customers. You can choose among 12 species, including Bovine, Chicken, Canine...etc.

  • High ELISA Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Over 1,000 kits for 12 species
  • 150+ Highly Cited ELISA Kits
  • Image-based Validation
  • Ready-to-use & Optimized ELISA Reagent
  • Reproducible ELISA Result
  • Precoated ELISA 96 Well Plate
  • Competitive ELISA Kit Price

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Currently, over 150 veterinary ELISA kits have been cited by international well-known journals, like Journal of Nanobiotechnology, Frontiers in Immunology etc. Some high IF citations are listed below: