Monkeypox Virus – IgG/IgM Elisa Kit/Recombinant Protein

Monkeypox Overview

Monkeypox virus is a self-limiting zoonotic disease caused by DNA virus. It has the typical form of orthopoxvirus, with rounded brick or oval shape and size of 200-400m. Components: brick-shaped or oval-shaped, covered by a protein membrane or envelope, with two protein-containing side bodies in the middle, and a thick membrane core. The core contains a large double-stranded DNA gene body, and its genome is double-stranded DNA, about 197 kb in length, containing an identical but opposite inverted terminal repeat at the end of the genome. The virus contains 190 open reading frames, 4 of which are located in inverted terminal repeats. The main symptoms after infection usually include fever, severe headache, muscle aches, back pain, lack of energy, swollen lymph nodes, and rash or skin lesions. About 3-6% of cases currently reported in endemic countries result in death.

Monkeypox Virus

FineTest Monkeypox Products

In order to explore the pathogenic mechanism of monkeypox and related research. FineTest team has successfully developed a series of kits and proteins for the monkeypox virus. Welcome to contact us for your order.

Monkeypox ELISA Kit:

Catalog No Product Name
EH4996 Human Anti-MPV IgG (Anti-Monkeypox Virus IgG) ELISA Kit
EH4997 Human Anti-MPV IgM (Anti-Monkeypox Virus IgM) ELISA Kit

Monkeypox Recombinant Protein:

Catalog No Product Name Host Uniprot ID Expression Region
P3262 Recombinant A29L E.Coli Q77HM6 1-110
P3267 Recombinant M1R E.Coli Q80KX3 1-250
P3268 Recombinant A35R E.Coli Q80KX2 1-181
P3269 Recombinant E8L E.Coli Q8V4Y0 1-275
P3263 Recombinant L1R E.Coli Q8V4Z7 1-152
P3271 Recombinant A33R E.Coli F1DJJ9 1-142


Monkeypox Virus in Nigeria: Infection Biology, Epidemiology, and Evolution, PMID: 33167496.