GP130 Cytokines might be the key to repairing diabetic nerve damage

As we know, Diabetes devastates nerve cells, which can lead to poor circulation, muscle weakness, blindness, and other painful side effects. According to a new study published in Experimental Neurology, cytokines might be the key to repairing diabetic nerve damage.

In a mouse model of diabetes, researcher found out the diabetic mice owned the unusually low levels of gp130. Replenishing gp130 level could help improve symptoms for diabetics. These results provide a rationale for findings by others that gp130 cytokines can enhance peripheral nerve regeneration in animal models of diabetes. Until now, researchers weren't entirely sure why a boost in gp130 cytokines helped improve diabetic symptoms.

Diabetes is a major problem worldwide and may or may not involve similar changes in cytokine expression. By understanding cellular mechanisms common to diabetes, the researchers may be able to design broad therapeutics that help reverse nerve cell damage associated with the disease.

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Jon P. Niemi, Angela R. Filous, Alicia DeFrancesco, Jane A. Lindborg, Nisha A. Malhotra, Gina N. Wilson, Bowen Zhou, Samuel D. Crish, Richard E. Zigmond. Injury-induced gp130 cytokine signaling in peripheral ganglia is reduced in diabetes mellitusExperimental Neurology, 2017; 296: 1 DOI: 10.1016/j.expneurol.2017.06.020