Get FineTest® Publication Rewards for Your Research

FineTest Publication Rewards

FineTest® biological reagents are designed to accelerate the life science research. Currently, over 3,000 high-quality products have been cited in well-known international journals(e.g. Cell, Immunity, Nanotoday, Autophagy, Hepatology etc.). Publication rewards are set to congratulate on researchers’ scientific achievements by citing FineTest® products.

Researchers citing FineTest® products in their published articles can send us the filled reward application form together with the article PDF file via email. The reward will be given to researchers upon the approval of the request.

Publication rewards details depending on Impact Factors(IF) are specified in the following table.

Journal’s IF Rewards
1 ≤ IF ≤ 5 100USD
5< IF ≤ 10 200USD
10<IF≤ 30 300USD
IF>30 400USD

Terms and Conditions

  • Use FineTest® products for your own research;
  • Cite FineTest® products by category number or product name together with the company name in the published article;
  • Each publication can only receive one reward, including single or multiple product(s) cited in the same article;
  • The published article shall be sent to us in PDF format for the approval;
  • IF is calculated according to the latest JCR report;
  • FineTest reserves the right to the modification of this reward