Wuhan Fine Biotech Arrangement for Holiday Break

Wuhan Fine Biotech Arrangement for Holiday Break

Dear friends, valued partners,

Due to the pneumonia epidemics caused by 2019-nCoV, we would adjust our holiday schedule and make arrangements according to government instructions, so as to safeguard our staff and defeat the virus as soon as possible:

I, Holiday Schedule

We’d extend the holiday and adjust our work resumption date from 3rd Feb. 2020 to 14th Feb. 2020, will further update if any renewal.

II, Work Arrangements

The whole company is safe and now had shifted to on-line mode to cope with the situation and guarantee our services (product inquires, ordering, technical supports, after-sale complaints, etc.). Welcome to contact with us freely through following methods/channels:

1. Email, telephone/video call and SNS Apps including WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, you can also contact your local distributors of FineTest, which you could find from below links:

2. Contact us on Quickform on the website:

III, Production and Delivery

To shorten the lead time and reduce the impacts on the supply and our clients, we have been working on orders confirmation and pre-production preparation. All the orders received will be collected and confirmed by our technical department so as to start production once transportation and normal work resumed, then we will confirm and update lead time with you at first time. We are dedicated to provide you with high quality production and professional, efficient services continuously.
Much appreciate your understanding and supports always.

Note: Please do not worry about the virus from buying/receiving our products, while cautions should be necessary so as to keep every possibility out. Our staff are safe and had stayed in-house for over 10 days, since we are far from the city center and had enough protection we are fortunately not affected by the virus physically, the problem now is with the transportation control which is one of the strong measures taken by government to control the epidemics.

Thanks for all your kind concern and supports. Hope we will defeat the virus together soon.

Wuhan Fine Biotech Co., Ltd.