antibody FAQs

Q1. What are the recommended antibody concentration and dilution?
A1. The antibody concentration is between 1-2mg/ml. Please refer to the recommended antibody dilution in the relevant manual for detail.

Q2. Can the antibody be applied in my assay if the expected validation is not specified in the manual?
A2. Reactivity and tested applications described in the manual are reliable and after-sales services are also provided. Applications not mentioned in the manual are not guaranteed.

Q3. Can you provide custom antibody size?
A3. The regular antibody size is 100μg. Custom size can be also provided according to customers' demand.

Q4. Can I request for free trial size?
A4. Please ask our sales staff for the free trial size.

Q5. How to Choose Secondary Antibody?
A5. Secondary antibody selection depends on the species of primary antibody(e.g. anti mouse secondary antibody for mouse primary antibody). Conjugated labels for different tested applications are varied (e.g. HRP, Biotin, Fluorescein). HRP conjugated secondary antibody can be applied in WB and IHC. FC and IF require for FITC, Cy3, or PE etc.

Q6. What are the storage condition and shelf life?
A6. Most antibodies are separately stored at -20℃ or -80℃ in small size. The shelf life is over 1 year. Besides, freeze-thaw damage and pollution can be decreased. Freeze-thawing step can be just conducted once. The unused antibody should be stored at 4 ℃ for 1-2 weeks. Antibodies diluted to working concentration can be stored at 4 ℃ within 1 day.

Q7. How about the delivery condition?
A7. Liquid antibodies are delivered with ice packs. Upon receipt of the antibody, please centrifuge for 20 seconds at 10,000×g. Precipitate the solution in the tube cover. Store the antibody separately and drop into low protein binding microcentrifuge tubes. Recommended antibody size for each tube is 10 μL at least. Lower size results in the evaporation of antibody concentration. The surface adsorption of sample tube is also influenced.

Q8. How to choose among multiple antibodies for the same detection target?
A8. Differences among multiple antibodies are immunogen, host, reactivity and tested applications. The antibody selection depends on your experimental requirements. If you are puzzled at the selection, please contact our technical staffs for the recommended antibody.