Protocol & FAQs

How to prepare stool sample while using FineTest® Elisa kit?

Sample Processing is to collect target protein. The processing shall be done as gently as possible as protein denatures or degrades easily. It is also very important to store processed sample, especially avoiding repeated free-thaw cycles. Processed sample can be sub-packed and sealed. Expiry Time: a week at 4 degree; a month at -20 degree; two months at -80 degree. Just put sample in room until its temperature reaches room temperature before using the sample. It is forbidden to heat the sample to melt the sample.

Collect stool as dry as possible, as it is not only hard to process diluted stool but also decreases detection accuracy. It is good to collect over 50mg stool and then wash it three times with PBS(Final stool weight: PBS volume=1:9). Pulverize it with ultrasound or smash it, then centrifuge it at 10000rpm for 10 minutes, and finally collect supernatant.